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For Iraq and Syria

Pavilion - ‘Nations in Torment’


Image of Pavilion -  ‘Nations in Torment’

Our poster, Nations in Torment, is an expression of despair, frustration, aggression, conflict and agony focussing on the ongoing crises surrounding Iraq and Syria. As it is a sensitive subject, we wanted to keep the poster minimal; not cluttering the message by saying or representing too many things at once and keeping the response bold and impactful.

The poster is characterised by the raw, harsh aggression of the most basic action of destruction: the tearing of paper. This graphic representation seemed a pertinent visual cue to describe not only the destruction but also the divide. The divide of nations, of a populaces, of people from their families and their homes.

The divide is bridged by the message, Nations in Torment—that both countries are suffering and in pain—and by a bold banner set in Arabic, the languages of both Iraq and Syria, which simply reads, Torment. Both are coloured green, a symbol of Islam (also displayed in both nation’s flags and many other Arabic flags) as well as an emblem for purity and above all, peace.

The Arabic text is set in a Kufic script, which is one of its oldest calligraphic forms. Despite its development in the 7th century Kufic looks fairly modern and is juxtaposed well with the serif face, which was drawn custom for the poster.