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For Iraq and Syria

Mike Simpson - 'Love for the Loveless'


Image of Mike Simpson - 'Love for the Loveless'

I was ignorant towards what was and is happening in Iraq and Syria. I was aware
but I was naive about it. While researching I learned the harsh reality that these
people are facing to find safety and security. A lot of the stories I read leave you
in a dark place. While designing this poster I wanted to relay on the knowledge I
have gained on the refugee crisis as well as my own personal thoughts and
feelings towards it. This poster is about the lives and love that have been lost at sea. The poster is
a reflection of a map itself with the coordinates corresponding to the locations
of the areas (North, South, East & West). The coordinates are the locations of
where the dead bodies of refugees have been found and washed up within the
Mediterranean Sea and surrounding points. The bodies that have been found
are a mix of children, women and men. Photo Credit: Alice Radford