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For Iraq and Syria

Lucy Harmony Grimes - ‘For Every Human Missing Home’


Image of Lucy Harmony Grimes -  ‘For Every Human Missing Home’

I’m from the Isle of Wight, a small island in the south of England. Recently there had been a proposal to settle 5 refugee families on the island, which was regretfully met with some anger, racism and callousness. While this was quite close to home for me, I think this reflects a lot of attitudes over the rest of the country and Europe. I decided these attitudes were to be the driving force for my design, contrasting and opposing these opinions with a message of support, welcoming, warmth and solidarity.

The statements I have made throughout the design are all interchangeable, ‘Welcome/Support’, ‘Stand in Solidarity With’, ‘Every Human’, ‘Missing home’, ‘In need of a friend’ etc. These messages are all visually separate but potentially can all link together: furthering the message of solidarity and compassion.One of the most poignant messages, I believe, is: ‘Welcome Every Human Missing Home.’ I think this statement is so simple, it doesn’t reflect the horrors that Syrian and Iraqi refugees have been through, but it reminds us that these people want to be in their homes, safe, back to normal. Right now, they require our support to make it feel the slightest bit close to that.

While these statements are the most important message, the symbolic illustrations depict images that remind us: not all is well, however, sprinkled through the design are inklings of hope, regrowth, regeneration and care. Ultimately, I hope for the poster to be a tool of strength to anyone who feels ostracised and unwelcome, whilst also acting as a reminder of our own responsibility as humans to provide a safe space for refugees.