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For Iraq and Syria

12—B - ‘It’s your turn’


Image of 12—B -   ‘It’s your turn’

“It’s your turn, Doctor Bashal al-Assad” was painted by Naief Abazid on the walls of his hometown, Daraa in February 2011. This graffiti led to Naief and friends being captured and tortured, in turn sparking protests and unrest across Syria. This was the start of the civil uprising. Red and green were chosen to reflect the 4 Pan-Arab colours, also given prominence by the 14th Century Iraqi poet Safi Al-Din Al-Hilli, who wrote “green our fields, and red our swords”. We also worked with the typeface Shilia, designed by Mamoun Sakkal in 2011, the same year the original graffiti was sprayed. Sakkal was born in Aleppo, Syria and now lives and works in the United States.